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Coronavirus not only China’s problem, whole human being

A pandemic is not only with a country. It is not created by someone as well.

From Wuhan to Mamallapuram: Relations between India and China

In May 2018, Prime Minister NarendraModi and President Xi Jinping met in Wuhan for an informal

China Media Group’s objection to Mao’s masked photo publication

Kathmandu| China Media Group (CMG) has objected to a photo published by The Kathmandu Post on

Embassy of Pakistan awards scholarship to 500 school studen

Embassy of Pakistan in Kathmandu awarded scholarship to some 500 school students from different schools across

Be Not Bothered by the insult of “Sick Man”

China is under attack of the Novel Corona virus Pneumonia(NCP). As the Chinese government and people

Why solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris !

Pakistanis, at home and abroad, have been observing the Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February, every

US intervention in China also be affected Nepal

The United States House of Representatives has passed the ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ on

Interaction on Jammu Kashmir Dispute in Kathmandu

Kathmandu : Pakistan Embassy to Nepal have organized round table talk programme on Wednesday on the

Views of Nepalese experts on Tibet Policy and Support Act

Kathmandu – The Lower House of the United States of America has passed an Act on

High Aim

I am hovering to world with my imaginative writing. I detach to fake relatives who snatch