Views of Nepalese experts on Tibet Policy and Support Act

Kathmandu – The Lower House of the United States of America has passed an Act on Tibet issues on Tuesday. The Act’ Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019′ is all about the Tibetan refugees, exile religious leader Dalai Lama and Human Rights of Tibetan People.

The US move on Tibet issues is being criticized across the world as saying US intervention against the sovereignty of Chinese people. America has no right to promulgate any law against other countries. ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ passed by the US parliament is against international law and norms and values as well. Every state in the world is free to decide on any national matter. U. S. has been just trying to underestimate the entire world through laws, policies and military activities which is not bearable.

In this background, we have talked with Nepalese politicians and foreign affairs experts about the US Act Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019′. Here is some excerpt:

Tibet Act has come to intervention in China

CP Mainali, General Secretary, Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist Leninist)

CP Mainali, General Secretary, Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist Leninist) is also an expert on international politics and foreign affairs. He is also the former vice prime minister of Nepal. He is very familiar with Nepal-China and Nepal- US relations. In this background, Voice of Kathmandu and Non-stop khabar.Com online have talked with Mainali about the Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019 passed by US parliament this week. Here is the summary of an interview:

The Tibet policy and support Act, passed by the lower house of the US is intended to directly interfere in Tibet. It has now passed from the lower house and will also pass from the upper house soon. The main purpose of this Act is to conduct the bossing-around in the other country’s territory. This is an example of the bullying behavior of the US. The US has also raised the issues of human rights in Hong Kong in the past. It is clear that the US wants to support the alleged Tibetan exiles and disruptive elements in the name of political and human rights. Now, the fourteenth Dalai Lama has grown old therefore, the people of Tibet who are the Tibetan Buddhists are tending to choose the 15th Dalai Lama. Actually, they have the right too. There is no doubt in the world that Lhasa is in Tibet and Tibet is in China. So the successor of the Dalai Lama has to be chosen by the Chinese people, not by immigrants or Tibetan refugees. It is America’s unfair pressure on China to say that only Tibetan refugees should choose the successor of the Dalai Lama. I think the Chinese government will never accept US policy.

On the other hand, the United States wants to open a consular office in Lhasa to increase its intervention in Tibet. Actually, it clearly seems that America’s hidden interest is to separate Tibet from China and for that purpose, Trump is thinking to give more energy to Tibetan refugees.

Now the US has been thinking that the Indo-Pacific strategy should be incorporated into Nepal. Its main objective is to interfere with China’s internal affairs. The US has also wondered that Nepal’s land can be used to separate Tibet. The Indo-Pacific strategy has come as a challenge to peace, security, and stability for many countries.

It is clear that the Nepalese border and valleys connected with China are the easiest routes to enter the mainland of Tibet. The US also knows that the Nepalese land is of immense importance in conducting a disruptive movement in Tibet.

As China is progressing towards building a socialist nation through open market economies, this progress has become uncomfortable and challenging for the United States. The US has seen the biggest challenge to Chinese development over its power and influence. Therefore, the United States is working to obstruct China’s development, blockade it, and try to disrupt China’s territories as much as possible. For example, US intervention in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and Xinjiang can be taken. In these places, the United States seems to be trying to uproot China by disrupting some of its most divisive elements, engaging in conflict and smashing China as much as possible.

Considering that Nepalese lands can be used easily to intervene in Tibet, the United States is now pursuing various activities in Nepal. Therefore, the US seems to be implementing the Indo-Pacific strategy in Nepal anyway. People here who can be sold with money and do not see the threat in the Indo-Pacific strategy, using such selfish elements America wants to make Nepal a hub of anti-China activity. This is a very dangerous thing for Nepal’s sovereignty, independence, integrity, peace, and stability as well.

America is trying to seize the right to choose the successor of Dalai Lama and also an intention has shown assisting disruptive elements by establishing a consular office in Lhasa. Looking at all these examples, the Tibet Act and the MCC interlinked with each other and have come to intervention on China. These things have come to collapse China. Nepal should not to be in favor of this dangerous strategy because we are the promoters of a non-aligned foreign policy. The non-aligned policy is the foundation of our constitution too. We have to condemn it. Understanding that China cannot be conquered by open competition, the United States is doing such kinds of activities.

We the people of Nepal never want to collide between the US and China. We would like to China and the US to resolve their problems through dialogue within the bounds of international law. Even if there is a conflict between China and the United States, Nepal could not be made a part. The US will never get to use Nepali land for such a small interest.

The MCC is a devious tactic to penetrate Nepal into US strategic and military tactics. Looking from the outside, it looks like 500 million USD financial support, but it is focused on US strategy. My opinion is that the Prime Minister of Nepal, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the political parties must understand this. It is unfortunate that some people are running after money, even in this case.

‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ is against the Chinese Sovereignty: Gurung

Mr. Dev Gurung, Former Minister of Law and Justice and Member of Federal Parliament of Nepal

Mr. Gurung Said that ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019′ which is passed by the US House of Representatives is against international law. According to him, the US has no right to promulgate any law about Chinese issues. It is also against Chinese sovereignty. He said,’ It has severely interfered with China’s internal affairs. It is a serious intervention upon the sovereign of any country. The US policy has come up with the Indo-pacific strategy. The MCC in Nepal is also the same as this.

The USA is trying to make its base through the MCC to build its base in Nepal.’ The issue of MCC is being discussed in Nepal Whether to accept it or not. “The US is continuously trying to promote the Dalai Lama’s movement. But, no matter how hard America tries, I do not think it will proceed, he added. This is nothing than US-card against China. According to Gurung, the Act is an example of naked interfered with China and the Chinese people. The US does not have the authority to legislate on China and Chinese citizens. Tibetans are not American citizens. They are Chinese citizens. The United States can legislate and enforce only for US citizens, but cannot make laws about the citizens of another country.

Gurung added, ‘human rights and rule of law, the USA way of making laws, setting up military camps and attacking citizens of other countries is totally wrong. There is no option to condemn it. The MCC agreement which is currently being debated in Nepal has the provision of appointing US citizens as employees under it In the MCC compact has a provision that to provide them full immunity to people who work in the MCC even if they will engage in any crime or criminal offense in Nepal. According to the MCC compact, Nepal’s laws do not apply to officials who work in Nepal. The US is trying to impunity its citizens even after committing such a crime, but arranging action against the citizens of another country. The US has been pressurizing to pass the MCC from Parliament in Nepal and on the other hand, the Act has been passed by the US lower house. These things are inter-related and all are under the Indo-Pacific strategy. This is the core essence of US foreign policy, he views. Everything the US does in the Indo-Pacific region under the same strategy. So it is quite dangerous. Mainly the US is trying to establish a foundation in Nepal through the MCC to intervention with this territory. Now, the law, which is passed in the US lower house of representative, can also be implemented in Nepal, calling for the protection of Tibetan refugees. Here I would like to remind you that shortly before the extradition treaty between Nepal and China was about to be signed. At the same time, one of the US Senators who is in charge of South Asia, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Nepal, warning him not to do anything that would violate the human rights of Tibetan refugees. After that warning, the treaty that was ready to sign was stopped. Currently, the government of Nepal is preparing to make a decision regarding satellite networking. It is also preparing to give to a US company.

‘The responsibility of making the national identity card of Nepal is also being given to the US Company. It is a huge conspiracy to take all the information of Nepal into their hands. The US is moving forward in terms of acquiring all the data of Nepal using different companies in Nepal’, he said.

Nepal should aware about the US Act against china

Mr. Ganga Prasad Upreti, Chancellor of Nepal Academy

Mr. Upreti (Chancellor of Nepal Academy) opposed the US Act on Chinese issues. According to him ‘Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2019’ which is recently passed by the US parliament is totally wrong concept. Americans have such proud they think that what we want in the world will happen. However, the situation has changed, the world has changed. ‘They don’t even know that there are more powerful countries in the world’, he said. 

According to him, no country can pass such an Act, affecting the integrity of any sovereign country. This is automatically illegal. It is wrong to challenge the integrity of a sovereign and powerful nation and this is against international law. He said,’ being a close and nearest neighbor of China, we have also concerned about this law brought by the United States. If there is unrest in Tibet, then it will affect Nepal as well as in South Asia. Americans have always been carrying some Tibetans such a way and presenting themselves as everything of Tibet. In fact, ninety percent of Tibetans are very satisfied with the development of Tibet, the religious, social, cultural, political and economic development of Tibet. ‘Few people who went out for various reasons or fled with the Dalai Lama, among them some had also returned to Tibet and participated in Tibetan development. Those few remaining people who have been lifted by Western powers to take them out as dummies are trying to hide the reality of Tibet. Americans feel that this is their personal thing, he added.

Like America, if China would make a law demanding to separate the provinces of the USA then what would happen? He said, ‘The United States has forcibly occupied many territories, including California, Mexico. As far as Tibet is concerned, it has been an integral part of China since ancient times. Tibet is an integral part of China, including everything religious, cultural, political. The world has accepted that integrity. Therefore, although this is an issue between China and the United States Nepal is committed to the one-China policy, so we have a concern about the Act. However, this Act will not be accepted by the world. I believe that China is able to solve this problem.’

This Act does nothing more than breaking the ties between China and the United States. And, this Act won’t achieve anything. It won’t be good for the rights of Tibetans refugees as well. I think that finally, it will be only an illusion. What Americans do is merely to create an illusion against international law. Who gave the authority to the United States to issue a law from parliament on China’s integral part Tibet?

He further added, ‘it is fair to say that discrimination behavior does not apply to other areas as shown in West Asia. Nations, whether small or large, no one will support such a policy of the US.’

‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ is against the International Law

Dr.Yubaraj Sangroula, Former Attorney General of Nepal Government and Senior Advocate and writer

Dr. Sangraula comments the ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ approved by the US parliament on Tuesday is as an action against international law. According to him to make an Act about the citizens of another country itself is an imperialistic action.

‘This is against international law. It can be said regarding this Act, it is not to be investigated that any crime was done properly or wrongly, crime is a crime’ he added, ‘According to international law, making Tibet policy and support Act is also a crime. Secondly, the US has accepted a one-China policy and also accepted that Tibet is a part of China’s territory. After accepting this, making a law about Tibetan people is against their own policy. According to him, The Tibet policy and support Act came from US President Donald Trump’s is an imperialist policy which is totally wrong. Tomorrow, China can also legislate against the US but, not to be done. The United States and China both are members of the UN Security Council. They have pledged to accept the UN Charter. The US Act is against Article 2 of the UN Charter. Even before this act, there were activities against Tibet in Nepal. He said, ‘Now, after this Act, the US government will provide financial assistance to refugees. Under this act, the US can legally send money to Nepal’s banks and increase anti-China activity. The very serious and important thing to understand that If the money sent by the US came to Nepal and the anti-China activity increased, it would be considered anti-China activity by the government of Nepal, not by the anti-Tibetan forces.’

He said, ‘the Government of Nepal should be aware of this matter because Nepal is committed to the one-China policy. The next important thing is China and India both are experiencing rapid economic growth and good trade. The US concern is that if trade between India and China is peaceful, it will make Asia the world’s largest economic hub and overtake the US and Europe. So America is not going to let that happen.’

US Act disturbs the peace and stability in the world

Mr. Tanka Karki, former Nepalese Ambassador to China

The world is in the midst of rapid change. The center of world power nation’s competition has entered from Middle East Asia to East Asia. And competition between China and the US is growing. I understand that the recent Tibet Act, passed by the United States, has come as an Act of escalation and unrest in the Asian region. An Act promulgated by the US Parliament disturbs the peace and stability of the region and appears to have a bad effect.

In the past, the US has encouraged the Khampa rebels who have been hiding in Nepal by giving them direct financial and technical assistance to fight against China. At that time, Nepal played an important role in suppressing the Khampa rebel. In the past, Nepal has been strictly prohibiting any activity against China using Nepali land. This bill has added an even greater challenge to Nepal in the coming days. But Nepal has to be careful on time to slow such activities with caution. Nepal is loyal to its foreign policy values and ideals. We will stand firm in our ideals. Nepal will not join any military alliance.

The Tibetan people have the right to choose the Dalai Lama when talking about the Tibetan Act. They can choose the Dalai Lama according to the tradition there. I do not think that any third country should intervene. By saying that for any other country, if any Act or law is done by the third country, then it is an interference with the other country. This is an internal issue of the Chinese and the Tibetan people.

In the matter of the MCC, Nepal will accept the financial support of any country on the basis of principles of incompatibility by looking at its values and values in the past. But it will not be linked to any military strategy. If the MCC has any long-term impact on Nepal, then Nepal will not seek that assistance. If the MCC’s terms are contrary to Nepal’s foreign policy Nepal will not accept it.